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ConnectEd - Alumni Talk with Vijaya Gajanan

15 Dec 2023

Vijaya Gajanan's Alumni Talk provided essential career insights, stressing the importance of concise resumes, diverse internships, and networking events. She emphasized leveraging certifications with projects from platforms like Microsoft Azure. Post-graduation, she recommended job opportunities over a master's unless interested in research. The talk offered comprehensive guidance for effective career navigation.

ACM X ACMW: An Interactive Session with Mohammed S. Shehata

7 Dec 2023

Dr. Shehata, an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, is renowned for expertise in Object Detection, Object Tracking, and Self-Supervised Learning. During his interaction at BPDC, he emphasized skill development and perseverance. Anubhav Gupta, a BPDC alumnus and Dr. Shehata’s thesis student, shared his journey from undergrad to researcher, offering practical advice.

Back-End Development Workshop

Nov-Dec 2023

The ACM-W Back End Development Workshop Series was scheduled to unfold throughout the month of November and December, providing students with an immersive coding journey aimed at mastering the intricacies of back end development. The sessions will be dedicated to Python and Django. Participants who attend both the sessions will receive an exclusive certificate.

Relay Game

15 Nov 2023

The Relay Game featured two thrilling stages: the Chopstick Challenge and GuessGPT. Participants showcased agility and mental acuity as they sorted buttons with chopsticks and engaged in a cerebral duel with ChatGPT. Amid intense competition, the victorious participant, awarded AED 25, demonstrated exceptional prowess across both challenges, emphasizing precision, teamwork, ingenuity, and communication skills under pressure.

ACM X ACM-W: Breast Cancer Awareness Day

24 Oct 2023

The ACM and ACM-W BPDC chapters collaborated on the ACM X ACM-W Breast Cancer Awareness Day. With 142 student participants, the event aimed to educate and empower students about breast cancer prevention and early detection. A highlight was a quiz covering various aspects of breast cancer, fostering knowledge and solidarity. Attendees were treated to complimentary treats as a gesture of gratitude.

Manifest QR Code Challenge

23 Oct 2023

The ACM-W Manifest QR Challenge invites participants on a journey inspired by the TV show "Manifest." Dr. Saanvi has discovered a way to connect with callings using QR codes. As passengers of Flight 828, participants will follow and fulfill these callings to uncover what was once lost. The theme of this challenge centers around historic equipment in the field of science, providing participants with an opportunity to delve into the fascinating history of scientific advancements.

Playfair – Cipher Decoding Challenge

18 Oct 2023

The ACM-W Playfair Cipher Decoding Challenge delved into WWII cryptography, teaching encryption through keyword-formed matrices. Teams used Playfair Cipher to encrypt and decode messages, competing for prizes. The winner received 50 AED, and all participants earned certificates, recognizing their dedication and skills. Free popcorn was distributed to attendees.


13 Oct 2023

The Cryptarithmetic Challenge is a unique puzzle where letters represent digits. Participants solve equations ensuring each letter corresponds to a distinct digit from 0 to 9, observing addition properties and avoiding leading zeros. All participants received certificates for their outstanding efforts in showcasing mathematical prowess and logical thinking.

Front-End Development Workshop

Oct-Nov 2023

The ACM-W Front End Development Workshop Series is set to unfold throughout the month of October, offering students an immersive coding journey to master the intricacies of front end development. This comprehensive series, spanning four sessions, is designed to supercharge web development skills, equipping participants with the tools they need to excel in this dynamic field. The sessions will be dedicated to HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript - cornerstones of modern web development.

ACM-W Orientation 2023

25 Sep 2023

The ACM-W Orientation introduced the ACM-W BPDC council's roles and commitment to a supportive environment, emphasizing trust. Attendees learned about membership benefits, including networking, skill-building, and technology exposure. The event concluded with a heartfelt gesture - free donuts, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Lazer Maze

12 Sep 2023

Participants were tasked with solving riddles and navigating a laser maze within a limited timeframe. This combination of mental dexterity and quick decision-making added an exciting dimension to the challenge.

To raise the stakes, a cash prize of 25 AED was offered to the quickest and most astute participant who successfully completed the challenge. This added element of competition added an extra layer of excitement and motivation for all involved

BITS & BYTES Brain Teasers

5-19 August 2023

A Tech quiz conducted every Saturday on ACM-W Instagram handle from 05.08.2023 – 19.08.2023. The brain teasers included questions from diverse topics of technology like AI, Cybersecurity and Cryptocurrency. Participants had the chance to win a 50 AED Virgin Megastore gift card.

Alumni Discussion Panel
with Shruti Vinodh, Hiloni Mehta, Avani


At this panel, our distinguished panelists Shruti Vinodh, Hiloni Mehta and Avani shared their expertise and insights on topics such as career development, industry trends, networking strategies and various topics from GRE to CV building.



On the first day of BPDC�s 2023 event Technofest, ACM-W organized Maze, an agility based game. Participants were challenged to complete the maze without touching the outlines of said maze all under a minute in order to win.

Data Science Workshop:
Data Visualization


This session in the series of data science workshops delved into the exciting field of data science.

Participants obtained new insights into data analysis, machine learning, and statistical methodologies, allowing them to extract relevant information from complex datasets and make data-driven decisions.

Data Science Workshop:
Data Analysis


This workshop focused on the critical feature of data analysis in the field of data science. Participants studied numerous data exploration and visualization approaches, allowing them to discover patterns, trends, and insights from a variety of datasets.

Data Science Workshop: Basics Of Python


This workshop served as a comprehensive introduction to Python programming for data research Participants gained a solid foundation in manipulating data, doing calculations, and finally applying Python to address data science challenges .

Alumni Discussion Panel
with Ashwini Patil


In this Alumni Discussion Panel conducted by ACM-W, BITS alumnus and Machine Learning Engineer at Apple, Ashwini Patil, addressed attendees and talked about her journey from BITS to Apple and offered insight into the technical skills and expertise required to work at IT giants like Apple.

Networking Nights with Ms. Anuradha Srinivasan


In this installment of Networking Nights, ACM-W invited Ms. Anuradha Srinivasan to talk about her experiences as a woman with all its ups and downs, memories and regrets, and how we can work and succeed in today's world.

Insight into the world of Artificial Intelligence with Lalitha Natraj


In an interactive session held by ACM-W, Alumni Guest Speaker Lalitha Natraj provides an insight on how to build a career in Artificial Intelligence.

The session was a high-level introduction to key aspects of AI that college professionals should know.

JuMP Phase 2


In the next phase of the programme, mentees teamed up and began brainstorming for their project using the principles of design thinking. In the upcoming months, they will focus on designing a web and mobile application using the knowledge they gained from phase 1 and 2.

JuMP Phase 2


In the next phase of the programme, mentees teamed up and began brainstorming for their project using the principles of design thinking. In the upcoming months, they will focus on designing a web and mobile application using the knowledge they gained from phase 1 and 2.



On the second day of BPDC�s technofest, ACM-W organized a game of life-sized ludo. Participants (in teams of 4) played on a life-sized board of ludo with a life-sized dice. The team that made it to the end of the board won the round.

Singularity - A Scavenger Hunt


On the first day of BPDC�s technofest, ACM-W organized a dystopian themed scavenger hunt. Participants (in teams of 2 or 3) were challenged to go around campus and decipher clues in order to win the scavenger hunt. First place: Ravali Attivilli and Imaan Uddin Second place: Rakshan Fathima, Tannishtha Roy and Meetansh Gupta

Networking Nights with ACM-W at SRM and WIE at BPDC


In this three-way collaboration, ACM-W invited students from SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Chennai) and BPDC to network with each other. The event was led by women-only team?s from ACM-W and WIE. Students from BPDC and SRM got an opportunity to interact with students from their respective campuses.

Alumni Discussion Panel with Shraddha Shetty and Varsha Rajan


In an enlightening discussion panel conducted by ACM-W, alumni students Shraddha Shetty and Varsha Rajan talk about their experiences as a BITSIAN and what to expect from the future outside of college, as well as how best to make the best of the 4 years at BITS.

JuMP Phase 1


ACM-W launched its Junior Mentorship programme with 5 mentors, 6 mentees and 2 tracks (web and app development). In a span of 4 weeks, mentors collaborated with the ACM-W team to organize hands-on workshops in the form of crash courses to tutor mentees in the track of their choice.

Networking Nights
with Tanzeeha Sulaiman


The conversation revolved around mental health and university. BPDC alumnus Tanzeeha Sulaiman was invited to give her input and share her life after university.

Networking Nights


Organized by ACM-W, Networking Nights served to provide a welcoming and safe space for members to share their experiences and beliefs. Attendees interacted with their batchmates and took valuable advice from seniors, creating a network of connections and improving communication skills.

Web Development Mentorship

Sept 2021 to Jan 2022

The Web Development mentorship program is an initiative carried out by ACM-W to help guide students in the web development field by providing them a real world project to work on.

Crash Course on version control with


This course, presented on April 7, 2021, covered the fundamentals of Git and GitHub, providing participants with critical version control information. Using these popular tools, attendees learned how to track changes in their projects, interact successfully, and manage code efficiently.

Exclusive webinar on getting into Top Universities


This webinar provided great insights and information on the application process for top universities offering Masters and PhD programmes. Attendees were given expert advice on how to write exceptional applications, understand admission requirements, and increase their chances of admittance into their selected academic schools.

ACM-W Career path series EX


ACM-W presented a mentorship/ discussion session on what it takes to start off a career in Machine Learning, Data Science and Web Development. The speakers discussed what students need to learn to step into the respective fields along with future opportunities for learning and work.

Social Media Quiz Competition


An online quiz was held on ACM-W�s Instagram page, with several tech-related quiz questions put up son the ACM-W instagram story. One female and one male winner with the most correct answers were declared after the quiz on commerated on the instagram page.

MS Tech Day


In this three-way collaboration, ACM-W invited students from SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Chennai) and BPDC to network with each other.

The event was led by women-only team?s from ACM-W and WIE. Students from BPDC and SRM got an opportunity to interact with students from their respective campuses.

Data Science Workshops

16 Sept-20 Nov 2019

A five week workshop carried out by ACM-W that dealt with helping students learn and apply different Data Science Techniques on different datasets.

The program covered the following topics: Introduction to Python and Python Libraries, Data Pre-Processing, Data Clustering, Classification with Support Vector Machines and Classification with Regression over 5 sessions.

Deep Dive into Power BI


ACM-W, in collaboration with Microsoft Tech Club MTC, conducted a hands-on workshop on the use of Azure for Text analysis, conversational chatbots , DAX and more. The workshop entailed analyzing data sheets of a fictional travel agency to introduce the basics of Power BI. Certificates were awarded to participants on completion of the session.

Android Development Workshop for High School Students


ACM-W mentored school students to develop their own Android App. The workshop, conducted by Shaik Sabiha, Chair. Grade 9-11 students built a Cookie Clicker App which taught them basics of Android development. The workshop encouraged students to develop interest in building apps.

Android Development Session


Android Development Session with Android Studio conducted by ACM-W covered setting up an android studio project, introduction to the layout editor & XML followed by designing the UI using Image Views, Text Views & Buttons.

The session concluded with every participant being able to successfully build and run the app on their physical device.

Inaugural Session of ACM-W


The Inaugural session of BPDC ACM-W was held on 5th March. They were provided information regarding ACM-W and its benefits to computing students. ACM-W Informational brochures and pizza was offered to attendees.

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