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Why Join ACM?

So you're probably wondering why ACM?, here's a little of what we do, maybe it'll convince you. Let's get into it!


ACM Local Chapter Events

Our events include Semester-long workshops aimed at building proficiency in a particular domain or a programming language as well as Short-term workshops to introduce concepts and apply them hands-on. Learn More.

ACM Competitions

Semester-wise competitions include competitive coding events like Capture the Flag, Play2Code, Code Champ, Codathon and problem-solving events like Big Oh, AI Play, ACM Q, Project SIERRA. 

Other online social media events include Cryptics and Summer Championship


ACM Talks

Focused on keeping our audience of busy practitioners at the forefront of technical trends, professional development, and emerging technologies, the ACM Talks are also popular among students. Recent talks have covered topics on Research Career, Machine Learning, skills needed for technical jobs, industrial level talks and more.

ACM Teach

Our School Program is all about meeting and empowering primary and high school students to grow and develop their initial steps into the world of computer science. Learn More.


ACM E-Newsletters 

Get weekly and monthly doses of - TechNews: the latest news in computing (3x weekly); CareerNews, the latest career and industry news (bi-monthly) and MemberNet.

Special Interest Groups 

ACM BPDC has 4 SIGs, namely: AI, CP, Dev and Hex. The SIGs are designed to bring like-minded students together to take sessions and hold competitions on a weekly basis in the SIG of their interest. Machine Learning Sessions, Game Development series are some examples of it.


ACM issued Member Certificate

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