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ACM-W at BITS Pilani,
Dubai Campus

Advancing women in computing,
one line of code at a time

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Our Mission

To empower women in computing by providing services and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our Vision

To reach out to women from diverse backgrounds and give them what they need to build a strong career in computing and technology.


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Sabiha Shaik

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Aakansha Mathur

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In 2019, BPDC ACM-W was founded with the aim to inspire women in computing by offering programs and services that will help its members enhance their skills and broaden their horizons.

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Networking Nights

In this first of its kind event, ACM-W invited all women at BPDC to interact and network with each other. We talked about life, career and everything in between. 

ACM-W Council 2021-22

Meet the team who make it happen

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Dr. Sujala Shetty

Faculty In-charge

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Afraa Noureen

General Secretary

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Suha Amber


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Divya Sehgal

Membership Chair

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Seerat Parvaiz


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Gargi Chadha

Creative + Social Media Manager

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Utkarsha Singh

Vice Chair

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Shrishti Srivastava


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