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Why Join ACM-W?

 Do you believe it is important to recruit and retain as many women as possible in the computing industry! Together, let's recognize, educate, and encourage women in computing.

So who are we? - The objective of ACM-W ( Association for Computing Machinery for Women ) is to advance women in computing. Our mission is to help women from all kinds of backgrounds launch successful careers in computing and technology.

When you join ACM-W at BPDC, you can expect to:

Join a  group of women in technology.
  • Receive exclusive invitations to ACM-W members' “Cloud-Verse Conversations”.

  • Join the ACM-W WhatsApp group.

Get special access to events and resources
  • Subscribe to the ACM-W newsletter

  • Receive access to exclusive resources via email and WhatsApp.

Engage alumni and visitors in one-on-one dialogues.
  • Talk to alumni and special guests after the event.

  • Consult with academic members for guidance and career recommendations.

All ACM BPDC events are also accessible to members of ACM-W.
Not convinced?  Sign up for our free newsletter here and get internships, opportunities and resources straight to your inbox every other week.
Visit our social media pages and look through all of the previous events we've had for more details.
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