Our Purpose

To expand ourselves into new horizons as we embark in mutually sharing 
knowledge, sustainable passion, and unforgettable experiences.

Our Predicate

To have our members move beyond subject matter and explore a world of nuances involving the integration of computing with industry and research to be a career-ready student.

Our Mission

To create an environment that caters to an individual's interests with connections for growth, nerve-racking competitions and a warehouse of resources.

Our Expedition

To push boundaries as we grow and develop a community with a single driving force: passion. Passion for programming, problem-solving, research, and team engagement.


University Events

"Programming is a skill best acquired by practice rather than books"

We conduct various events to highlight the importance of practical knowledge and experience. These events cover a wide variety of topics like cyber-security, machine learning, programming fundamentals, competitive programming, etc. Everybody should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think. 


School Program

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled"

Our School Program is all about meeting and empowering primary and high school students to grow and develop their initial steps into the world of computer science. At ACM, we are driven by the spirit to advocate and promote programming as an essential element of school curriculums alongside Math and Science. 




Neetesh Bhati


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Ritik Panda

Vice President

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Shivam Bansal


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Varun Agarwal


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Anukriti Jaiswal


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Aadila Jasmine

Membership Manager

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Ameet Rahane

Web Manager

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Yashika Jamwal

Program Manager

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Siddhant Nair

Technical Manager

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Devansh Shah

Technical Manager

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Mardiyah Khadijah

Marketing Manager

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Vignesh Nair

Graphics Designer

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Abshar Aslam

Marketing Executive

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Aviral Singh

Technical Executive

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Aditya Saxena

Technical Executive

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Dr. Sujala D. Shetty


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"ACM helped me to take computing as a field of study seriously. It was a lot of fun, from forming questions for programming competitions, to organising workshops and information sessions. ACM made my time as an undergraduate at BITS Pilani Dubai enjoyable and rewarding."

Adhitya Rajagopalan

Former President,


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