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Among Us IRL

Thursday, 29 February, 2024

Among Us IRL

ACM BPDC is delighted to announce the upcoming event, "Among Us IRL". It is a real-life adventure of deception and teamwork," scheduled for February 29th, 2024. This immersive experience will take place from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, offering participants a 20-minute real-life adaptation of the popular Among Us game.

Players will start out in the Vending Machine Area to register. The game duration is set at 20 minutes, challenging participants to navigate through a world of treachery and tasks. A prize pool of 500 AED makes the game more exciting. The event is free for club members.

"Among Us IRL" promises an experience like no other, where participants must uncover the imposters before it's too late. The rules will be shared upon registration, adding an element of surprise to the adventure. This event provides a unique opportunity for individuals to test their strategic thinking and teamwork skills in a real-life setting. 

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