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ACM's Summer Brain Teasers

Saturday, 13 August, 2022

ACM's Summer Brain Teasers

Looking for something interesting and fun to do during the summer?

ACM BPDC has you covered 😄

Introducing, the ACM Summer Brain Teaser, where, for the next 7 weeks You Choose what you want to learn about 💭

Tune in on our Instagram page every Monday to vote for the topic which excites you 🤗

The topic with the highest number of votes will be discussed on Thursday

That’s not all 🤩

Every Sunday at 6pm, a fun brain teaser will be released which you can try to solve!

The winner of the ACM Summer Brain Teaser will be rewarded with an Amazon Gift Voucher worth 50 AED ✨

Follow @acmbpdc to take part 📱

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