MSP Coding Bootcamp | BPDC-ACM

Microsoft Student Partners Present,

In collaboration with BPDC ACM

All you need to know

What's the coding bootcamp about?

  • This bootcamp is intended to provide the audience with a foundation in using some important tools in the tech industry.

  • Here we are going to give you a complete hands on experience. We are going to teach, demonstrate and help you build your own mini-projects. Everything on Microsoft Azure!

What's the fee to attend the bootcamp?

This edition of bootcamp will be completely free!

Is food provided?

Subway will fuel you as you furiously smash code into your keyboard, courtesy of partnership with MSPs

Do we get certified at the end? 

Yes, certificates of completion will be awarded at the end of the semester long workshop.

Do we get transportation after the event?

Yes, you will be provided transportation to the nearby metro stations.

The topics that we are going to take up

Build and Deploy Chatbots

We'll take you into the world of chatbots that are vital to many business website and guide you build and deploy them using Microsoft Azure

Web Dev

Learn to build and host websites on Microsoft Azure and ASP.NET

Competitive Programming

Tackle difficult logic based problems by developing faster algorithms

Command Line

Get comfortable with the command line interface and see improvements in your workflow. This also covers IDE training on VS Code.


Code in one of the most versatile and widely used programming languages that is maintained by an ever growing community

Web Scraping

Learn to extract meaningful information from websites

Machine Learning

Build simple classification and regression models and leverage various ML tools on Microsoft Azure for different use cases

Resources For The Coding Bootcamp

The content for the coding Bootcamp will be made available on GitHub 

Theme of the Week

  • Venture into the command line, the upside down of the graphical user interface. Down here there be treasures and demogorgons

  • Learn to navigate the upside down with clever tricks and perhaps you can even obtain el's search-seer powers

  • Grab some Python in the bag to begin automating your tasks to take down the mind flayer!


Prashanth Konda

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