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9 Dec 2021

On the second day of BPDC’s technofest, ACM-W organized a game of life-sized ludo. Participants (in teams of 4) played on a life-sized board of ludo with a life-sized dice. The team that made it to the end of the board won the round. 


Singularity - A Scavenger Hunt

8 Dec 2021

On the first day of BPDC’s technofest, ACM-W organized a dystopian themed scavenger hunt. Participants (in teams of 2 or 3) were challenged to go around campus and decipher clues in order to win the scavenger hunt.

First place: Ravali Attivilli and Imaan Uddin
Second place: Rakshan Fathima, Tannishtha Roy and Meetansh Gupta

Networking Nights with ACM-W at SRM and WIE at BPDC

16 Oct 2021

In this three-way collaboration, ACM-W invited students from SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Chennai) and BPDC to network with each other. The event was led by women-only teams from ACM-W and WIE. Students from BPDC and SRM got an opportunity to interact with students from their respective campuses.


Alumni Discussion Panel

9 Oct 2021

Shraddha Shetty and Varsha Rajan (BPDC Class of 2019) were invited to discuss their experiences at university, their career and also future career prospects for current students. The alumni had a hearty conversation with students, especially women and talked about their common experiences. 

Networking Nights with Tanzeeha Sulaiman

25 Sept 2021

The conversation revolved around mental health and university. BPDC alumnus Tanzeeha Sulaiman was invited to give her input and share her life after university. 

ACM-W Junior Mentorship Programme (Phase 1 & 2)

17 Sept to 17 Oct 2021

ACM-W launched its Junior Mentorship programme with 5 mentors, 6 mentees and 2 tracks (web and app development). In a span of 4 weeks, mentors collaborated with the ACM-W team to organize hands-on workshops in the form of crash courses to tutor mentees in the track of their choice. 

Mentors first prepared a study plan along with assignments for the mentees. The assignments were related to the workshops hosted each week and were to be submitted by the mentees on the software collaboration platform Github. 

In the next phase of the programme, mentees teamed up and began brainstorming for their project using the principles of design thinking. In the upcoming months, they will focus on designing a web and mobile application using the knowledge they gained from phase 1 and 2. 

ACM-W Networking Night 

11 Sept 2021

In this first of its kind event, ACM-W invited all women at BPDC to interact and network with each other. The team first broke the ice with virtual games followed by an interactive discussion with attendees about life, career and everything in between. 

Screenshot 2022-01-28 201438.png

Crash Course: Version Control with Git and Github 

7 April 2021

In two 40-minute sessions, ACM-W presented a hands-on workshop on managing and inspecting repositories, creating and merging branches using Git and collaborating with other users on Github.

Exclusive Webinar on getting into top universities for masters/PhD (in collaboration with Galvanize)

27 Mar 2021

Pavithra Srinivasan from Galvanize presented a webinar on what it takes to get into top universities for higher education. She discussed standardised tests (TOEFL, GRE & IELTS), scholarship options and funding as well as a quick Q&A session with a Stanford alumnus. 

Screenshot 2022-01-28 201612.png
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ACM-W Career Path Series: Web Development and Data Science

23 Jan 2021

ACM-W presented a mentorship/ discussion session on what it takes to start off a career in Machine Learning, Data Science and Web Development. The speakers discussed what students need to learn to step into the respective fields along with future opportunities for learning and work. 

MS Tech Day

16 Nov 2019

One day event with multiple workshops on Microsoft Technologies. Attendees will be provided certificates, swag and workshop content. Catering was provided by Subway and 3 Udemy courses were offered to attendees (at our own cost)

Screenshot 2022-01-28 202225.png

Social Media Quiz Competition

Nov 2019

A two week online quiz was held on ACM-W’s Instagram page.Every day one tech-related quiz question was put up and participants were required to answer it. One female and one male winner with the most correct answers were declared after the quiz and were offered a one on one mentorship session on Teams app.

Data Science Workshops

16 Sept to 20 Nov 2019

A five week workshop carried out by ACM-W that dealt with helping students learn and apply different Data Science Techniques on different datasets. The program covered the following topics: Introduction to Python and Python Libraries, Data Pre-Processing, Data Clustering, Classification with Support Vector Machines and Classification with Regression. 

Session 0: Introduction to Python
Session 1: Python Libraries
Session 2: Data Pre-Processing
Session 3: Data Clustering
Session 4&5: Data Classification

Screenshot 2022-01-28 202424.png

Web Development Mentorship

Sept to Dec 2019

The Web Development mentorship program is an initiative carried out by ACM-W to help guide students in the web development field by providing them a real world project to work on. 

A Deep Dive Into Power BI : A Collaboration with MTC

2 April 2019

 “A Deep Dive into Power BI" was conducted on 2nd April where students got an opportunity to explore the basic and advanced features offered. They learnt about using Azure's Text Analytics services and generated a Word Cloud for their project. Participants were provided with certificates given to them by Microsoft Student Partners.

Screenshot 2022-01-28 202623.png

Android Development Workshop for High School Students

28 Mar 2019

On 28th March ACM-W mentored school students to develop their own Android App. The workshop was conducted by Shaik Sabiha, Chair. Grade 9-11 students built a Cookie Clicker App which taught them basics of Android development. The workshop encouraged students to develop interest in building apps. Refreshments and snacks were also provided to the students. 

Android Development Session

13 Mar 2019

Android Development Session with Android Studio was conducted on 13th March.The session covered setting up an android studio project, introduction to the layout editor & XML followed by designing the UI using Image Views, Text Views & Buttons. Students were guided to build their own Cookie Clicker app, on click of a button the cookie value increments.  Codes were written in Java to make the buttons work. The session concluded with every participant being able to successfully build and run the app on their physical device.


Inaugural Session of ACM-W

5 Mar 2019

The Inaugural session of BPDC ACM-W was held on 5th March. They were provided information regarding ACM-W and its benefits to computing students. ACM-W Informational brochures and pizza was offered to attendees.

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